Waite Family Genealogy

My Lineage

1: Kindred Kel (me)
2:  Sandra Waite
3: Maurice "Red" Waite

4. Ralph Leroy Waite

Hazel was born 1889 in South Ripley, NY. She died 1949 in Westfield, NY from a Heart Attack. She married (1) Ralph Leroy Waite, s/o Frank & Lillian Culver Waite, 1911 in South Ripley, NY at the home of Hazel's parents. Ralph was born on 1888 in Fowler, KS. He died 1924 at St. Vincent's Hospital in Erie, PA from appendicitis. She married briefly (2) William Kolbe.

Sample of sources for the above data:

1.  Earls Colne, Essex; Records of an English Village 1375-1854 [http://linux02.lib.cam.ac.uk/earlscolne]

2. Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr22, Doc# 34300581, 21.4.1636 (Thu, 21 Apr 1636)

3. Early Connecticut Probate Records; Hartford District by Charles Manwaring.

4. The Barbour Records Collection.

5. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England Before 1692 by James Savage

6. Short History of Farmington, Connecticut by Lydia Hewes, 1935

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