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Scribner Genealogy

Last Updated Aug 2022

Scribner is also spelled/pronounced Scriven, Scrivner, & Scribner.

This Scribner line came to America from England with John Scriven, my 10th great grandfather.
John was born 1623 in Shropshire England. Married Mary He died in Dover, NH 

My Lineage

Abbreviated list.  Images and other data coming soon.


  1. Kindred Kel

  2. Sandra Waite [see also Waite Genealogy]

  3. Maurice Waite

  4. Ralph Waite

  5. Lillie Culver

  6. Hannah Parker

  7. Mary Polly Clinton

  8. John Clinton III

  9. Mary Scribner

  10. Zaccheus Scribner Sr

  11. Thomas Scribner

  12. Benjamin Scrivener

  13. John Scriven

  14. Sir Thomas Scriven

  15. Edward Scriven Esq


Sample of sources for the above data:

  1. The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records (Vol. 1-55) compiled by Lucius Barnes Barbour, State Examiner of Public Records.


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