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Mrs. Kelly Miller

Kelly started researching family and places over 25 years ago. Her first line was that of Ribble (Johann Georg), her grandmother's maiden name. Today her family tree includes over 7,000 people in 33 generations, with over 1,700 surnames. The earliest birth in her tree is Grimbaldus, her 26th Great Grandfather, who was born in 1070 in the region of Normandy, France. Grim was born before surnames were used, but later became the patriarch of the Bacon Family.

While living in North Carolina, Kelly advanced her historical career by becoming the secretary of The Mooresville, Museum, a Historical Preservation Chairperson for a local church, the town historian of Landis, NC. From there, she became a Docent for Michael Braun's Old stone House, and Assistant Educational Coordinator for Rowan Museum in Salisbury, NC.

In 2019 Kelly became a member of Elizabeth Maxwell Steele Chapter of The Daughters of the American Revolution. In 2020 her youngest daughter became a member of Rowan Resolves Society, Children of the American RevolutionToday she is located in Central NY where she is very proud of her member of Betsy Baldwin Chapter of NSDAR.

In 2022, Kelly and her family settled in New Haven, NY where she is now the Town Historian!

James McDonald

Jim started helping Kelly as a researcher in 2002. His mother, Rosemary Everett McDonald, and her Grandmother, Doris Everett Waite, were sisters. Rosie & Doris' mother was Anna Elizabeth Ribble Everett.

Since joining Kelly, Jim has been a major contributor of documentation for the family tree. He lives in Nebraska, right in the center of the United States!

Robert Miller

Rob is the husband of Kelly and a huge supporter of her and of her hobbies. To put it plainly, without him- there would be no Kindred Roots!

My Children

Kelly's children, Kris & Karlie, are very important to Kindred Roots as well. Without their patient, there is no way Kelly would have been able to work so hard on her work. She will forever be grateful to them! Hopefully they will always have that attitude and save her work after her death!!!

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