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Genealogical Resources


Over the years I have found some wonderful resources, free & cheap, to aid in my research. I'm sharing them here to help you too!

Last Updated March 2023

I consider this site to be one of the most valuable tools I have found. Most books are downloadable in different formats, including PDF. Books that can't be downloaded can be checked out through their system. It's an incredible site.

Remember an old website that you can't find online anymore (like our former that is now being run by an Asian group)? The Way Back Time Machine might be able to bring it up!

Search Tip: On the main page, click inside the search bar. A bullet list will appear. Select "Search text contents," then type the name or place you wish to search for & click go.

Find A Grave

​​Find A Grave is a great resource for brick walls.  It is another Ancestry owned resource.


The info in this database is largely based on hearsay. There are no sources beyond what is on the stones & in the records. Those errors are often created by families & grave carvers. Also, many memorial managers accept changes without documentation.

Note: Long ago, under my domain kindredroots, I had thousands of grave photos & listings that I personally took or gathered. When Find A Grave came along, people ripped our images & reposted them under their names, without permission or credit. Because there is no way to report it, I ended up posting the remaining ⅓ info/pics myself, just so I could get proper credit.


Genealogy Research

This resource is overlooked by most, but contains the best information! It is a bit tricky to search & to weave through the links, but it is worth the time it takes. The best thing about the database is the strength of the information. The Daughters of the American Revolution are sticklers for documentation & the accuracy. I know this personally, as it took me over a year to collect more & more records! I am proud to say that I did finally become a member through Pvt John Parker, through my grandfather's line!

Note: The Sons of the American Revolution also has an online database at It is not as thorough as DAR's database.

The library of Congress database has so much to offer. Check it out:


Most people have heard of the subscription based, another Ancestry company. Did you know there are other FREE newspaper databases online? Here are a couple:


I cannot begin to tell you how valuable (& free) this system is! They have Census reports, Digital Books, Freedman Records, Indian Censuses, Revolutionary War Records, & so much more!


Access to HeritageQuest is provided by subscribing libraries. If your local library does not provide access, you can sign up for FREE with the library I have access though, Rowan Public Library (Rowan County, NC). Anyone can sign up for a digital library card to access the online resources (they have a lot to offer). Visit this page for ore information: Rowan Public Library also has other fantastic resources online with their library card!

For more information:

Old Maps

I cannot begin to tell you how valuable (& free) this system is! They have Census reports, Digital Books, Freedman Records, Indian Censuses, Revolutionary War Records, & so much more!


  • Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps:  First published by Sanborn Map Company for the fire insurance company in 1867. Lots of towns and homes on these maps!!

  • Historic Map Works: This site has some great maps. The site is glitchy & may or may not work. It may be using outdated technology. I have also noticed they have downgraded their maps to black & white, which has lost a lot of detail. The maps have a lot of good info.

This tool is easily overlooked. When searching Google you can select Books under the search box (click 'more' if you don't see it). Some books are downloadable, others are purchasable though suggested stores. Before I found Internet Archive, I used this the most!

The Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System (CWSS) is a database of military personnel from both sides of The War Between the States. I have personally ordered records from here twice & was successful.

You know that really cool photo colorization tool HeritageQuest has? Well, this is a free version!  I use both resources!

The Barbour Collection is a fabulous resource if you are researching Connecticut from 1630-1850.  This collection contains transcribed state vital records (birth, marriage, & death). There are many ways to access the records (including Ancestry, paid). Below are a couple others.

Hale Collection of Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions and Records. This database is much older than Find a Grave & have been ripped to add data there without proper credit!

This site is provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Knowing one's family history is part of their religious beliefs. They provide online tools to anyone interested in genealogy.

Note: Every Mormon is required to do their family history. This doesn't mean they are good at it or care for it. With that said, not all information is correct. Be sure you check the listed sources, or look for further evidence!

The Political Graveyard

This site has been around since before we started our site in 1999. Back in those days, there were little resources online. This site is a gem, and it's still free for anyone to use. Did your ancestors participate in politics (any shape or form)? Check this site out! Not sure? Check this site out!

Forgotten Books is a London-based book publisher specializing in the restoration of old books, both fiction and non-fiction. It makes available some amazing & free books that are not found anywhere else!


Note: Most books are fee based. Their free book of the day is the gem here!

This is one of my sources for maps. The site offers downloadable historical maps. You can also buy prints, though I never have. This site has the best search filters out of all the map sources I use!

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