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Brownson Genealogy

Includes Brunson and Bronson Genealogy

From Chautauqua County, NY to Normandy, France, with English Barons & Knights, writer of works by William Shakespeare, and aid to William the Conqueror- my Bacon linage is very imaginative, intelligent, and very interesting!

This page will be updated in the near future!

My Abbreviated Lineage

Line of Descendancy fromCornelys Brownson to Kelly

1 Cornelys Brownson b: c1480 Earls Colne, Eng, d: Earls Colne, Eng.

2 Cornelius Brownson b: c1525 Earls Colne, Eng, d: c1561 Parwich, Eng.

..3 John Brownson Sr. b: 1550 Earls Colne, Eng, d: 04 Feb 1622/3 Earls Colne, Eng.

...4 Roger Richard Brownson b: 15 Sep 1576 Earls Colne, Eng, d: 22 Oct 1635 Aldham, Eng.

....5 Richard Brownson bap: 23 Jul 1615 Earls Colne, Eng, d: c26 Sep 1687 Farmington, CT.

.....6 Samuel Brownson Sr. bap: 04 Jan 1664/5 Farmington, CT, d: 18 Jan 1740/1 Wethersfield, CT.

......7 Samuel Brownson Jr. b: 30 Dec 1692 Farmington, CT, d: 22 Apr 1752 Farmington, CT.

.......8 Elisha Brownson b: 09 Apr 1717 Kensington, CT, d: 25 Jul 1784 Berlin, CT.

........9 Ashbel Brownson b: 11 Nov 1752 Farmington, CT, d: 09 Aug 1833 in prob Elizabethtown, NY.

.........10 Chester Bronson b: 16 Mar 1780 CT, d: 18 May 1857 Salisbury, NY.

..........11 Alvin John Bronson b: 20 Jun 1825 Salisbury, NY, d: 15 May 1887 Ripley, NY.

...........12 Wesley G Bronson b: 27 Sep 1860 S. Ripley, NY, d: 15 Mar 1945 Erie, PA.

............13 Hazel A Bronson b: 16 Jul 1889 S. Ripley, NY, d: 13 Jun 1949 Westfield, NY.

.............14 Maurice Red Waite b: 29 Sep 1922 S. Ripley, NY, d: 25 Aug 2014 Oswego, NY.

..............15 Sandra L Waite.

...............16 Kelly.


Sample of sources for the above data:

  1. Bacon Genealogy; Michael Bacon of Dedham, and His Descendants by Thomas W. Baldwin.

  2. The Baronetage of England, or History of the English baronets, and such baronets of Scotland, as are of English families by Rev. William Betham.

  3. Genealogy of one branch of the Richard Brownson family, 1631-1951,by Ernest Ray Brownson, 1951.


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