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Brownson Genealogy

Includes Brunson and Bronson Genealogy

From Chautauqua County, NY to Normandy, France, with English Barons & Knights, writer of works by William Shakespeare, and aid to William the Conqueror- my Bacon linage is very imaginative, intelligent, and very interesting!

This page will be updated in the near future!

My Lineage

Abbreviated list.  Images and other data coming soon.


  1. Kindred Kel (me)

  2. Sandra Waite

  3. Maurice "Red" Waite

  4. Hazel Bronson was born in 1889, Ripley, NY. She died in 1949, Westfield, NY from a Heart Attack. She married Ralph Waite, s/o Frank & Lillian Culver Waite, 1911, Ripley, NY. Ralph was born in 1888, Fowler, KS. He died in 1924, Erie, PA from appendicitis. Two years later Hazel & William Kolbe applied for a marriage license in Ripley, but there is no evidence this marriage took place.

  5. Wesley Bronson was born 1860 in South Ripley, NY. He died in 1945, Erie, PA from Bronchial Pneumonia. He married Lida Thorp, dau/o Volney & Sarah Newton Thorp, in 1888, Findley Lake, NY. She was born in 1866, NY (possibly Jamestown). She died in 1923, Ripley, NY.
  6. Alvin John Bronson, AKA John, was born 1825 in Herkimer Co, NY. He died in 1887, Ripley, NY. He married Maria Ham, dau/o Valentine & Margaret Martin Ham, c. 1851. She was born in 1829, Schoharie Co, NY. She died 1919.

  7. Chester Bronson was born in 1780, CT. He died in 1857, Salisbury, NY. He married (1) Ame Bacon, dau/o Joel & Lydea Hubbard Bacon in 1811. She was born in 1783, Upper Middletown, CT. She died in 1832, Salisbury, NY. He married (2) Patty North.

  8. Ashbel / Asahel Brownson was born in 1752, Farmington, CT. He died aft 1823, probably in Elizabethtown, NY. He married Hannah Allen [c. 1754-1784]. Asahel Enlisted in the Revolutionary War at Torrington, CT as a Fifer in 1777.
  9. Elisha Brownson was born in 1717, Kensington, CT. He died in 1783, Berlin, CT. He married Sarah Hollister, dau/o Ephraim & Elizabeth Greene Hollister in 1737, Glastonbury, CT. She was born c. 1719, Glastonbury, CT. She died in 1784, Berlin, CT.

  10. Samuel Brownson Jr was born in 1692, Farmington, CT. He died in 1752, Farmington, CT. He married Abigail Ventris [1695-1779].
  11. Samuel Brownson Sr was baptized in 1659/60, Farmington, CT. He died in 1741/42, Wethersfield, CT. He married (1) Sarah Gibbs, dau/o Jacob & Elizabeth Andrews Gibbs, in 1687, Farmington, CT. She was born in 1667/8, Windsor, CT. She died in 1741 Wethersfield, CT. He married (2) Lydia Warner.

  12. Richard Brownson was baptized 1615 in Earls Colne, Eng. He died in 1687, Farmington, CT. He married (1) Abigail Wilbourne, dau/o John Weybourne, in 1639, Hartford, CT. She was born in 1619, Wrotham, Eng. She died in 1666, Farmington, CT. He married (2) Elizabeth Wilbourne. Richard was an original landowner in Farmington, CT.
  13. Roger Richard Brownson was born in 1576, Earls Colne, Eng. He died in 1635, Aldham, Eng. He married (1) Marie or Marye Underwood, dau/o John & Elizabeth Fletcher Underwood in 1600, Lamarsh, Eng. She was baptized in 1585/6 Lamarsh, Eng. She died in 1622/3, Earls Colne, Eng. He married (2) Margret Unknown.

  14. John Brownson Sr was born in 1550, Earls Colne, Eng. He died in 1622/23, Earls Colne, Eng. He married (1) Joanne or Joan Unknown in 1576, Earls Colne, Eng. She was born in 1555, Earls Colne, Eng. She died in 1615/16, Earls Colne, Eng. He married (2) Mathen Tayler.
  15. Corn / Cornelius Brownson was born c. 1525,Earls Colne, Eng. He died c. 1561, Parwich, Eng.

  16. Cornelys Brownson was born c. 1480, Earls Colne, Eng. He died aft. 1500, Earls Colne, Eng.

Sample of sources for the above data:

  1. Bacon Genealogy; Michael Bacon of Dedham, and His Descendants by Thomas W. Baldwin.

  2. The Baronetage of England, or History of the English baronets, and such baronets of Scotland, as are of English families by Rev. William Betham.

  3. Genealogy of one branch of the Richard Brownson family, 1631-1951,by Ernest Ray Brownson, 1951.


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