Ribble Family Genealogy

My Lineage


Doris, daughter of the above (far left) Harold Everett & Anna Ribble, born 1923 in Waverly, NY. She died 1991 in Buffalo, NY. She married 'Red' MAURICE LEROY WAITE, son of Ralph Leroy WAITE & Hazel BRONSON, 1946 in Hanover, NY. He was born 1922 in Ripley, NY. He died 2015 in Oswego, NY.  Their daughter is Sandra Waite Cali, mother of Kindred Kel [me]


Sample of sources for the above data:

1. Our County & Its People; History of Chemung Co, NY, by Ausburn Towner.

2. History of Orange County, NY With Illustrations and Biological Sketches of Prominent by By E. M. Ruttenbar and L. H. Clark.

3. Original death certificates and burial records.

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