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Sherman, Bristol, & Little Genealogy

From Rhode Island to Oswego County, NY... one big branch of Sherman Family Lineage.

Last updated June 2023.

The Sherman Homestead

In 2022 my husband and I purchased one of the Sherman Homesteads in New Haven, NY. The home, built in 1853, is a typical 2 story stick build. We purchased it from a direct descendant of the builder. As a seasoned genealogist, I just had to know more about the family. The work revealed that my husband and I are related to the family! This page is dedicated to our beautiful house & the people who made it their home.

House of Philip & Sarah Odding Sherman

Home of Philip & Sarah Odding in Portsmouth, RI, built c. 1670. 41.58340°N 71.24577°W

Immigrant Ancestors of this Sherman Line

Philip L Sherman & his wife Sarah Odding are the immigrant ancestors of this line. The Shermans came to America in 1633, settling in Roxbury, MA. From there, by May 1638, they moved to Portsmouth, RI, where they were founding settlers. The Shermans had at least 13 children.

Here are some interesting notes:

  • Philip became the colony secretary of Rhode Island in 1639. He maintained public service positions throughout his life.

  • The Sherman's built a house c1670, which still stands in Portsmouth (picture shown at left).

  • Philip & Sarah are my husband's 10th Great Grandparents.

  • The Shermans had 13 known children. This page follows their son SAMUEL SHERMAN (1648-1717).


Samuel Sherman & his wife Martha Tripp

Samuel Sherman, 11th known child of Philip & Sarah Odding Sherman, was born & died in Portsmouth, RI. In 1679/80 he married Martha Tripp, daughter of John & Mary Paine Tripp (also born & died in Portsmouth). They had 9 known children.

Here are some interesting notes:

  • Samuel & Martha Tripp Sherman are my husband's 9th great grandparents.

  • Martha Tripp's sister, Alice Tripp Hall, is my 9th great grandmother.

  • Martha Tripp's brother, Joseph Tripp, is my 8th great grandfather.

  • Portsmouth is on Aquidneck Island, in Rhode Island.

  • This page follows EBENEZER SHERMAN (1701-1791).


Ebenezer Sherman & his wife Rebecca Lawton

Ebenezer Sherman was born in Portsmouth, Rhode Island in 1701. in 1732 he married his first wife, Rebecca Lawton in Portsmouth, RI. They had 9 known children before her death in 1740. Ebenezer died across Sakonnet Bay in Tiverton, RI in 1791.

Here are some interesting notes:

  • Ebenezer & Rebecca are my husband's 8th great grandparents.

  • Ebenezer is my 1st cousin 9x removed (via my Waite, Tripp lineage)

  • This page follows their son DAVID SHERMAN (1733-1824).


David & Ruth Beadon Sherman

I see information on these two online in various places, but few are based on documentation. Most are just borrowed from sources that aren't documented.

My information is based on the following sources:

  1. The Vital Record pertaining to the marriage of Ruth to David.

  2. The book, "Genealogy of the Stevens and Tripp Family & Allied Families From 1520 to 1906," by M. Ghaston.

  3. The book, "Going to Palmyra: Sherman Deeds," by M. Lutzvick, 1997.

  4. The book, "Some Descendants of Philip Sherman, The First Secretary of Rhode Island," by R. Sherman, 1968.

David has a Find A Grave Memorial that is based on his grave/burial at East Palmyra Cemetery in Wayne County, NY. The photo online of the grave is illegible. Ruth also has a Find A Grave Memorial, but it is NOT based on her burial info. It is just a biography someone made. The source it shows is It does not have a viable original source.

This page follows Dave & Ruth's son Samuel S Sherman.


Pvt Samuel S Sherman & his wife Sarah Sawyer

Samuel Sherman was born 28 Dec 1756 in Tiverton, RI. He served as a private in the Revolutionary War. In 1781, he married Sarah Sawyer, daughter of Josiah & Sarah Sawyer. Two years later, they had their first of 11 known children. These Shermans settled in Norway, Herkimer Co, NY on military land grants. It was here they had their other 10 children, including Wright.

Here are some interesting notes:

  • Sam & Sarah are my husband's 6th great grandparents.

  • This page follows Wright, their 1st born son, who was their 2nd born child.


The Shermans arrive in Oswego County, NY.

We finally arrive to the Wright & Lydia Luther Bowen Sherman, the first of this Sherman line to live in Oswego County, NY. While still living in Herkimer County, NY, Wright served in the War of 1812. Like his father, he received a military land grant for his service. By 1815, Wright & Lydia settled in New Haven, Oswego, NY where they owned a couple different parcels. One of these parcels were part of New Haven's Lot 30 (Old North Road), where, in 1853, they built a two story home next to Spring Brook, a creek that feeds Great Lake Ontario.

My husband and I bought Wright & Lydia's house in 2022. After we learned the following!

  • Wright is my 4th cousin, 6xs removed.

  • Wright & Lydia are my husband's 5th great grandparents. Their daughter, Antrace, married Jesse Matteson, from which he descends. Jesse, an early settler in Oswego County, is the progenitor of the MANY Mattesons in the county.

  • We did not know we were related to the Shermans until after buying & doing the research!


Bowen & Ruhama/Rubina Dumbolton Sherman

After Wright's death, the house transfers to their son, Bowen Sherman & his wife Rubina/ Ruhama Dumbolton. I only know of 2 children of theirs; Lydia, who died at age 5 (1841-1847) & Samuel Wright Sherman.

Here are some interesting facts:

  • Bowen was born in 1781 in Herkimer County, NY.

  • Bowen's sister, Antrace/ Antress Sherman married Jesse Matteson, my husband's 4th great grandparents.


Sam Wright & his Irish wife, Mary Davidson

Samuel Wright Sherman was born in the house his grandfather built on North Road in New Haven. There he lived with his parents until he married Mary Davidson, an Irish Immigrant. They stayed on at the house until his father passed away in 1882. He took over the household, with his mother living on there until her death in 1894.


Clarence Davidson Sherman & his wife Mary Little.

After Sam & Mary pass away, their child second child (& 2nd son) takes over the homestead. Here he lives with his wife, Mary Elizabeth Little. Mary's family lived on the road behind North Road. This road was called Joe Little Road after her grandfather, who built a stone house there many years before & still stands today. . That road was eventually renamed Woolson Road. The Joe Little Homestead is almost directly south of the Sherman homestead & is still lived in today. There are still pastures between the two homesteads to this day.

In 1918 Clarence died at the age of 35. Their youngest child was only 4 months old. His wife lived on in the homestead until her death 10 years later, when she was just 45. At the age of 21, their oldest son, James, took over the homestead and helped raise his siblings to adulthood. He marries Mildred Watts in 1930. Five years later, in 1935, James' sister Leta marries David Bristol. In the 1940 census, Leta & James' brother Charles becomes head of household when James moves to Oswego. The US Army enlists (or drafted) Charles into WWII. The Bristols take ownership of the North Road Homestead. Leta's sister & her husband remains in the home as well.


David & Leta Sherman Bristol

By the 1950 census, the Bristols have taken over the Sherman Homestead & are living with their family...

[this section remains blank for privacy reasons]

...we purchased the house from David's grandson, my husband's 5th cousin 1ce removed & my 10th cousin!

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