Family of George Machan Buck

My Lineage

1. Fanny Lee

Fanny was born 1929 in Atlanta, GA. She died 2004. She married Craig Phillips 1956 in Miami-Dade, FL.


2. Anne Louise Hubbard

Ann was born 1903 in Atlanta, GA. She died 1996 in Rockledge, FL. She married Robert Edward Lee (not related to the civil war general), son of Fannie Terrel, 1928. He was born 1902 in Georgia. He died 1986 in Vero Beach, FL.


3. Winifred ‘Mully’ Buck

Mully was born 1877 in Kalamazoo, MI. She died 1960. She married Leslie Hubbard, son of William Joseph & Louise Hubbard, 1902 in Washington, DC. He was born 1881 in Delaware. He died 1952 in Fulton Co, Ga. Winifred Buck lived in the states MI, PA, & GA.


4. George Macon Buck

See above (top, left).




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